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Our goal is to keep physicians and patients up to date on the latest advancements in breast lumpectomy technology. Click on the videos to see what key opinion leaders are saying about BioZorb’s role in advancing this technology.

BioZorb Enhances Oncoplastic Surgery Techniques

Improving Breast Cancer Treatment and Cosmesis

BioZorb’s Role in Breast Conserving Surgery

BioZorb Surgical Marker: Surgeon Reports Excellent Results

A Problem Solver for Breast Cancer Surgery and Radiation

How BioZorb Fits with New Surgical Techniques

Advantages of BioZorb for Breast Cancer Surgery and Radiation Boost

3D Surgical Site Marker Discussed at 2014 American Brachytherapy Society Conference

BioZorb and Outcomes after Surgery

Accurate Definition of the Lumpectomy Cavity Using a Three-Dimensional Spiral Marker

BioZorb and Oncoplastic Breast Reduction

Targeting Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

BioZorb Implant Improves Target for Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

Integrating BioZorb with Oncoplastic Surgery

A 3D Target for Radiation Therapy

Benefits of BioZorb for Follow Up Exams after Breast Cancer

BioZorb a ‘Quantum Change’ in Breast Cancer Surgery

BioZorb Provides 3D Marking of Surgical Site