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Breast Tissue Marker is a Game Changer for Surgeons and Patients

March 2017

‘GPS’ for Breast Cancer Targets Therapy & Improves Aesthetics after Breast Cancer Surgery

February 2017

Surgeon Anne Peled, MD and patient Sue Yeres — herself a breast cancer activist — tell the story of Sue’s healing after breast cancer, helped by the BioZorb implant.

Benefits of Surgical Implants for Breast Cancer Follow-Up Exams

December 2016

Two breast cancer doctors explain why they use the BioZorb marker to fill volume after lumpectomy — and make radiation treatment more precise.

A New Tool for Breast Cancer Treatment

October 2016

Two breast cancer doctors explain why they use the BioZorb marker to fill volume after lumpectomy — and make radiation treatment more precise.

Better Markers for Breast Radiation
PINK Newsletter

August 2016

A new device, BioZorb, is now helping breast cancer patients who need radiation treatment after surgery. During a lumpectomy, a surgeon usually places several titanium clips to mark the tumor site for the radiologist to focus on. Continue Reading →

Oncoplastic Surgery Benefits for Breast Cancer
Treatment SOS

August 2016

Dr. Alison Laidley, Breast Surgeon, Texas Breast Specialists, Dallas, Texas. Oncoplastic surgery combines breast cancer surgery with plastic and reconstructive techniques to achieve the best possible cosmetic results (including nipple-sparing when there is no risk of cancer cells thru the technique). OPS can also be performed in conjunction with a breast reduction, augmentation, lift, mastectomy or reconstruction. Listen here.

X Marks the Spot
House Calls

July 2016

According to the American Cancer Society, 12 percent, or one out of every eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, making it the second most common form of cancer among women. Continue Reading →

Breast Cancer Surgery in the ASC Setting
ASC Focus

May 2016

ASCs today are adapting to multiple shifts in the health care and financial environments. Among the many challenges they face as this evolution continues are changing reimbursement, more knowledgeable patients who evaluate their health care options with that knowledge in hand and increased competition from hospitals that purchase physician practices. Continue reading →

Charleston Hospital Offers BioZorb to Improve Breast Cancer Treatment

April 2016

Roper St. Francis Mt. Pleasant Hospital now provides this small, bioabsorbable surgical implant to mark the surgical site and assist with precise radiation treatment.

BioZorb Aids in Better Breast Cancer Care

April 2016

“The 700 Club” reports how the BioZorb marker helps provide a better cosmetic outcome after a lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery). The small device also assists with more precise targeting of follow-up radiation and long-term monitoring of where the tumor was.

Battling Breast Cancer: Oncoplastic Surgery

February 2016

Source: WFAA Market: Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Device Helps Monitor Post-Op Breast Cancer

January 2016

A new device is allowing doctors in southwest Florida to better direct treatment in women who’ve undergone a lumpectomy for breast cancer.

3D Surgical Marker Offers Better Results

November 2015

This TV news report from Washington, D.C. tells one breast cancer patient’s successful experience with BioZorb. Janice Monk, a patient of Dr. David Weintritt at the National Breast Center, had the 3D BioZorb marker placed during lumpectomy surgery. The marker improves cosmetic results and radiation therapy, while also helping to protect healthy tissue from radiation damage.

New device improves breast cancer treatment

October 2015

Dr. David Weintritt joined Caitlin Francis on WHAG Morning News to talk about a brand new innovative approach to treating breast cancer, it’s a little device called BioZorb™.

BioZorb helps breast cancer patient with better treatment

October 2015

In this TV report, Richmond, Va., breast surgeon Dr. James Pellicane and patient Denise Graves explain the advantages of the BioZorb marker for more precise radiation treatment and better cosmetic outcomes after breast cancer surgery.

Breast Cancer Breakthrough: Richmond surgeon pioneers innovative breast cancer treatment
Richmond Times Dispatch

October 2015

A local surgeon is among the first in Virginia to adopt an innovative new device that improves the treatment of breast cancer by more precisely targeting radiation treatment and providing better follow-up exams. Continue reading →

Small Device Makes Big Difference in Lumpectomy Procedures

October 2015

A small device at Women and Infants Hospital is making a big difference in the treatment of breast cancer for women who have a lumpectomy. Ann Hall has already undergone 12 weeks of chemotherapy and she’s only a few months away from completing radiation therapy. Continue reading →

Medgadget Interview With Focal Therapeutics: The Latest Data on BioZorb and Its Potential

August 2015

According to the CDC, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among American women, after certain types of skin cancer. For most, treatment includes radiation therapy, which often results in damage to healthy nearby tissue. In 2007, Focal Therapeutics, a Aliso Viejo, California firm, was established by James Stubbs, Ph.D., George Hermann, and Dr. Lebovic to “help surgeons, radiation oncologists, and other clinicians to clearly identify a surgical site through the use of an innovative tissue marker”. Continue reading →

Making Breast Cancer Treatment More Precise at Bon Secours

August 2015

BioZorb Device Improves Breast Cancer Surgery

August 2015

Focused Treatment Means Better Outcomes
Surgical Products

May 2015

It’s designed to help surgeons communicate with radiation oncologists to accurately target where the tumor was during radiation treatment, but does it work, Dr. Cary Kaufman, FACS and Medical Director of the Bellingham Regional Breast Center, asked himself. Of course, tests were released when BioZorb was approved by the FDA in 2012, proving safety and efficacy, but he wanted to find out for himself. Continue reading →

A Better Way to Guide Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

May 2015

New Breast Cancer Treatment Pioneered by Arkansas Surgeon

April 2015

Cancer in the Crosshairs
Albuquerque Journal

January 2015

A thimble-sized coil allowed Kimberly Clifton, an avid East Mountain horsewoman, to deal with her breast cancer with less pain and more options for treatment. “I was the first member of my family to have any type of cancer, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The lumpectomy went really well. I had a small tumor and I wanted to get it taken care of as soon as possible,” Clifton, 67, said of her surgery and radiation therapy this page summer. “It’s definitely a procedure I would recommend.” The surgically implanted device called BioZorb… Continue reading →

Advances in Breast Cancer Care

December 2014

As the number of breast cancer survivors continue to climb, how can breast cancer care, reconstruction, radiation, and follow-up screening post-treatment be improved? Guests: Dr. Gail Lebovic (breast cancer inventor and Chief Medical Officer at Focal Therapeutics, Inc.) and Dr. Ryan Faught (radiation oncologist) talk about their work in breast cancer care, oncoplastic surgery, and with the new BioZorb tissue marker.

Breast Cancer Patient Credits BioZorb with Quicker Recovery

November 2014

New BioZorb Device Improves Breast Cancer Recovery

November 2014

Device Helps Treat Breast Cancer

November 2014

New Device for Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients

November 2014

Lovelace Introduces New Device for Breast Cancer Treatment
Albuquerque Business First

November 2014

Lovelace Women’s Hospital has begun using a device called BioZorb that aims at limiting the amount of tissue destroyed while treating breast cancer. The hospital said it, and surgeon Dr. Linda Ann Smith, are the first in the region to use the device… Continue reading →

New Weapon in Cancer Battle
Palatka Daily News

November 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is officially over, but the fight continues for area patients and health care professionals. This year, local health care professionals will continue treatment with a new device called the BioZorb Tissue Marker. “It’s a huge step forward for mankind,” said Dr. Anand Kuruvilla of the Cancer Center of Putnam… Continue reading →

New, More Effective Breast Cancer Treatment Presented in Study

October 2014

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means many are displaying pink ribbons and telling their stories about a disease that affects about one in eight women in the U.S., according the educational nonprofit But others are working to change the way breast cancer is treated, including an Arizona specialist who presented a study about a new treatment device at the recent American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology conference… Continue reading →

Tissue Markers Can Help Target Radiation Therapy
Imaging Technology News

October 2014

The trend in breast cancer treatment these days is all about precision, with the twin goals of controlling the cancer better and reducing side effects. Great advances have been made in radiation delivery methods that make it possible to more precisely target the tumor bed, plus a small margin around it where the cancer would be most likely to recur. By tightly focusing on these areas alone, radiation oncologists can… Continue reading →

Noble Offers New Device to Improve Breast Cancer Treatment
Westfield News

August 2014

Noble Hospital now offers a new device that improves the treatment of breast cancer. The BioZorb™ Tissue Marker helps physicians deliver more precise radiation treatment and keep track of the site after lumpectomy surgery to remove cancer. The three-dimensional marker provides… Continue reading →

In Search Of Reliability And Accuracy
Surgical Products

May 2014

A new approach has emerged that marks the target area with greater, reproducible accuracy and it appears to have other advantages for post-operative radiotherapy as well. This approach uses a new medical device that is placed by a surgeon when tissue is removed. The surgically implantable, spiral incorporates six permanent titanium clips that are “suspended” in a fixed three-dimensional arrangement that can clearly be identified… Continue reading →

Emerging Medical Technologies (EMT)® Innovator of the Month: George Hermann, President & CEO
Life Science Intelligence

February 2014

With a wide range of device inventions to his name during his 18 years working alongside Dr. Tom Fogarty, M.D., at Fogarty Research, including the Mammotome breast biopsy device and AneuRx aortic stent-graft, as well as product development and senior management roles at more than 15 start-up companies, Hermann is now looking to assist physicians in breast surgery and radiation therapy with his newest venture, Focal Therapeutics. Continue reading →